Local Treasures

Are there blogs that you visit daily or weekly? I visit Karen McKinnon’s blog http://mckinnonblog.com/ for tips and inspiration. If I have a muscle tweak I check out Traci Skuce’s blog http://www.yogawithtraci.com/yoga-blog for great insight into yoga and how the body works. On the work side I check out http://www.reddogdesigns.ca/ when I have a website design question. For creative client support I tap in to http://sagaradevelopment.com/. What are some of your favorite blogs?

Housecleaning Tips

Do you have a system for information management? How do you keep information for work separate from personal interests? Do they overlap? I use bookmarking for things work related and Pinterest for personal topics. Once a year when I notice some bookmarked folders fill my computer screen I quickly go through it and do some house cleaning. The same thing with Pinterest. It’s like on-line house-cleaning. Do you apply any house-cleaning techniques to your information storage?